What Does A Half Head Of Foils Look Like Cap Or Foil Highlight My Hairstyle?

Cap or Foil highlight my hairstyle? - what does a half head of foils look like

I have medium long dark brown hair, very thick and I will show on Sunday. I do not know whether you have the lid (about highlights and cheapest) or leaves (upper half of the hair for the same price as the PAC)? I like to look good, the idea of the CAP, as I think it has much effect, but only half a head of leaves? If anyone could me pictures of a frustrated head nicely weighted average (preferably dark hair would be like me). If not, what did you do? Foils or cap? (For your information, a head full of leaves would cost an additional € 30).


LynnLynn said...

Especially with the length / thickness of paper that you want your hair highlighted. CAP is also longer hair, he can break a lot of her in the process. I think that through the so-called "half head" shows the fact that aluminum is always a dramatic effect, and so impressed were significantly larger pieces and a better investment!

Clairabe... said...

I would like to receive the CPC, because feel like half of the thick hair like nothing and get only half seem strange that

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